• What does UMA mean?

    This question has been asked to me many times and it is from here that I want to start our blogs.

    UMA means tranquility, light and splendor in Sanskrit. UMA is also the Hindu goddess of the mountain who teaches us about balance in life. UMA, in the Andean world, is considered an ancestral being, capable of protecting and preserving with his strength, which derives directly from the mountains, the spirit of Mother Nature. It is a benevolent force that goes from the sun to the earth and then to each of us.


  • Olive Oil Cookies

    Delicious, light and crumbly biscuits to be enjoyed both for breakfast and for a snack.
    For this easy recipe, we recommend using our BLEND organic extra virgin olive oil

    Difficulty: Easy
    Preparation: 20 minutes + 30 minutes of dough rest time
    Cooking: 10 minutes
    Servings: 35/40 biscuits

  • Federica Calamarata

    Calamarata is a first course of exquisite sea-scented flavors that is prepared with a special pasta that recalls the shape of the squid rings, the calamarata pasta. Our recipe is a version of the traditional one revisited by our Federica. For this recipe we recommend using our Tortiglione Biological monocultivar extra virgin olive oil and the UMA “sei rosso” organic tomato sauce in order to obtain a creamy and enveloping sauce.

    Difficulty: Easy
    Preparation: 40 mn
    Cooking: 30 mn
    Servings: 4 people